Wilmington Historic 2 hr Segway Tour $55

For 4 years this has been our main segway tour and our most popular.

This 2 hour tour gives you a little bit of everything. We start you off with aprox. 20 minutes of training and get you comfortable with the simple physics of riding a Segway. If you want to move forward, you lean forward. To brake, you lean back. To move left or right is a simple push in each direction on the handlebar leansteer. We are proud to brag that we have even been honored with an 84 year old on one of our tours! She did GREAT! 

After the initial training your witty and zany guide will lead you at up to 8mph through some of the most beautiful back streets of historic Wilmington and then finish with a scenic glide along the waterfront boardwalk out to the new Convention Center. All the while you will be entertained with unique facts and trivia along route. This is really a great tour and has been our most popular since it offers interests for everyone. This tour not only covers history but you will also learn about some of the film and television productions that have been filmed downtown over the last 27 years and even about a few places that are deemed "haunted" along route!

Some of the notable sights include:

The Burgwin Wright Home, the Latimir Family Museum & Homes, the Old Wilmington Courthouse, Old Sears Roebuck Homes, the Greystone Inn, the Benjamin Berry Mansion, the Gov. Mansion, Thalien Hall, the two oldes structures in Wilmington, and more