NEW Extended 1 1/4 hr Segway Waterfront Tour $40

We'll start you off with a short video, get you acclamated in the shop on your Segway and then we'll ride out to a spacious practice area where you'll learn the basics of riding and will have time to practice and get comfortable on the unit. Training total for all tours except our "Church" tour is about 20 minutes but can vary more or less depending on group size and individual learning speed. You'll glide with your guide to a few historic landmarks before making your way down to the reverfront boardwalk. From there you'll cruise the entire length of the riverwalk out to Wilmington's Convention center and the newest extension of the riverwalk. 

Some notable sights: The oldest home in Wilmington, Benjamin Berry Mansion, The Gov. Mansion, The Train Museum, Cotton Exchange and the New Convention Center.